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Gryffindor Qualities!

Gryffindors are generally competitive, though many aren’t. They’re brave, generally loyal, daring, individualistic, defensive and protective. We’re team players (except in competitions obviously), and if someone “attacks” someone more vulnerable, they’re right there, stopping the bullies (although some Gryffindors are prats and ARE the bullies!). We are known for our courage, chivalry and determination. Never tell a Gryffindor they can’t do something. They will always go to great lengths to prove you wrong. We’re noble and value valour… try saying that 5 times fast! Some Gryffindors hate Slytherins due to the house rivalry (thanks Godric and Salazar!), but I don’t mind Slytherins. I hope that here in Gryffindor, we can show some Hufflepuff traits in accepting everyone!